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Happy New Year everyone!!! It is currently February 2009 and we are all doing very well. We hope you are as well.

Parker turned 1 on November 28th. He is finally starting to walk unassisted (check out the videos below), although he still pretty much crawls everywhere. He is turning into quite the troublemaker, as he loves to pull toys down off of shelves, pull plugs out of walls, open and slam kitchen cabinet doors, and tap toys violently against windows. So he certainly keeps us on our toes.
He currently has a vocabulary of roughly 10 words. He can say "more" (or just "mo"), "mama", "dada", "ball" (or "ba"), "uh-oh", "wow", and... "WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" That's his favorite word.

Brady (or "Batman", as he would prefer to be called) turned 4 on January 18th. When he is not fighting crime on the streets of Whittaker, Michigan with his partners in crime-fighting Robin (Daddy), and Batgirl (Mommy), Brady keeps himself very busy playing with his Batman toys, running around the house pretending he is Batman, or drawing Batman or the Batmobile on his drawing pad.
Sometimes we are surprised to realize that Brady is only 4. He talks, acts, and looks older than he is and we are very proud of him. We are continuing to work with him on his letters and numbers as we try to prepare him for Kindergarten next year.

Tina has recently graduated from Ross Medical Education Center. She is now working for Dundee Internal Medicine as a Medical Assistant after completing a 6 week internship at the University of Michigan Hospital.

Bob is still working at TeL Systems, Inc. in Ann Arbor where works as a Computer Aided Design Technician / Internet Surfer / YOUTUBE Clip watcher.

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Brady: 5 Months Old

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Brady Walking

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